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Terminal Server

Net2Printer for Terminal Server
Print to any printer without loading print drivers
Original Quality
High Resolution output
100% color of the original
Support for any printer (including legacy, multifunction and USB)
Printing is done by the Client to relieve Server resource burden
Integrated viewer in Client

Net2Printer's patent pending printing technology makes it possible to transmit print data without a specific printer driver installed on the server. Net2Printer uses a special virtual printer that sends the encapsulated print data in a printer-independent format to the receiving client. Once there, the print data is rendered by Net2Printer and printed to the printer.

There are many advantages to Net2Printer technology:

  • No central administration of printer drivers is required;
  • All software applications work using only the universal Net2Printer printer driver;
  • Server resource usage is reduced since all print job rendering, which uses substantial resources, does not occur on the central terminal server. Therefore both the central server and the client PC's gain performance improvements.

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