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Terminal Server

Net2Printer for Terminal Server

Truly Simple Terminal Services Printing

Eliminate the hassles of continually trouble-shooting local network printing from Terminal Services and RDP, with the simple-to-use Net2Printer solution. Install Net2Printer for Terminal Server and easily print to the client’s local printers, even network printers.  Also, enjoy all of the benefits of Net2Printer to send documents and files to any other Net2Printer user regardless of their location--from both your local computer and your Terminal Services,RDP or Citrix sessions.

Hassle-free printing to your local network printers from Terminal Service, RDP and Citrix sessions.
Print job distribution frees up server resources.
No specific printer driver installation and no printer compatibility issues.
Print to ANY Net2Printer printer from Terminal Services, RDP or Citrix sessions.
Perfect for SOHOs and ASPs.
Connection of entire remote offices.
Support for legacy printers, USB printers and multi-function devices.
Includes peer-to-peer file transfer feature.

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